We’re now two years on since our official launch and what a busy time we’ve had.

Through events alone, we’ve welcomed over 18,000 people into our innovation hub, attending all manner of Technical Workshops, International Conferences, Team Away Days and Celebrations.

Our mechanical and electronics labs, which are equipped with over £1m of state-of-the-art equipment, have been a hot bed of prototype development activity for the manufacturing, healthcare, maritime, logistics and space sectors, to name but a few.

Our multi-disciplined lab team have completed over 120 projects to date, relating to a diverse range of sensor and IoT applications, 3D printing, digital design and manufacture, as well as optics and coding requirements. Providing this in-house expert engineering support to both SMEs and larger corporates, has enabled these business to carry out more creative R&D work and help accelerate their growth.

As well as undertaking commercial projects, Sensor City has dispersed over £100,000 of State Aid support to SME beneficiaries across the past 24 months, via the provision of work space, business support and technical assistance.

Our partnerships – both with academia and industry – have also opened up further access to world-leading knowledge, support and services. We have facilitated 25 collaborations between ourselves, SMEs and our University Partners, and have hosted 24 FTE Researchers. Together, we are creating the skills-base for emerging technologies in the North West, boosting jobs for the future and supporting our local community.

Having picked up 5 awards along the way, the past two years have seen our unique mix of rapid prototyping facilities, business support and co-working spaces result in a thriving, innovative community.

We are excited to see what the next two years will bring and look forward to discovering the art of the possible in 2020 and beyond.

Check out our Infographic here

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