Sensor City is made up of a thriving community of companies who have chosen to locate their businesses in the focal point for sensor technology innovation and development in the UK.

In addition to their physical office and hot desking space, companies based at Sensor City are able to access the facilities, business support and hands-on technical expertise they need to turn their innovations into commercially viable solutions.

Support on-site allows SMEs to use Sensor City’s technical team as an outsourced engineering department, and the wide range of electronic, optical and mechanical equipment in the laboratories facilitates prototype design, development and testing.

Keeno, a spin out of UPLEC Industries and tenant at Sensor City, develops games and human machine interfaces to deliver the next generation of remote and virtual rehabilitation.

Simon Parry, Director at UPLEC Industries said: “I recently needed some bespoke items producing unexpectedly for an upcoming presentation.

“Despite the short notice, the engineers at Sensor City were able to deliver a demonstrable prototype for us with speed and accuracy.”

Sensor City’s engineers created a display housing for Keeno’s motherboard, having sourced the required stud and acrylic materials, designed the laser cutter template and machined the parts.

Under our Resident support agreement, this work was done free of charge, saving UPLEC Industries more than £300.

Emlyn Jones, Mechanical Laboratory Manager at Sensor City added: “Being able to offer this level of technical support to our residents is definitely of great value to them.

“We can assist with a diverse portfolio of work including 3D printing, Virtual Reality and PCB fabrication, and encourage both companies and academics to engage with us and use our equipment, which they may not otherwise have access to.”

If you’d like to take advantage of the support, space and services available at Sensor City, please contact Dr Joanne Phoenix: / 0151 705 6002

More information can be found below:

Laboratory Equipment and Services

Office and Hot Desk Space

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