Updated 28th April 2020:

LightNight 2020 was due to take place within Liverpool venues on Friday 15th May, but had been postponed due to COVID-19. However, the city-wide festival will instead now be taking place online.

The virtual festival will still focus on the theme of ‘Home’ and will see a number of partners share digital content across social media and online platforms.

We, at Sensor City, will still be participating and showcasing what ‘homes of the future’ may look like, and will also be sharing content from our members and partners.

Follow us online on Friday 15th May, to see how robotics, VR and smart home applications are changing the way we live, thanks to the advances in technology and the ongoing digital revolution.


Original post dated 17th February 2020:

For those of you who haven’t experienced LightNight before, it is Liverpool’s free, one-night arts festival, shining a spotlight on the city and celebrating our world class cultural offer. Over 100 organisations collaborate to create an inspiring trail of events with talks, workshops, performance, live music and more.

Sensor City will be taking part again in the LightNight Festival, having previously been opened our doors to the public in 2018.

This years festival theme is ‘Home’ and we will specifically shining a light on ‘Homes of the Future’.

Sensor City Showcase

Digital technologies are transforming the way we interact with urban environments. Smart home applications including voice controlled AI virtual assistants and remote heating apps controlled from a mobile phone have become the norm, but what will our home and its contents look like in 2050 and beyond?

Will someone invent a robot to do the ironing? Will our gardens self-water and be mown automatically? Will our driverless cars pick the kids up from school and bring them back home?

During LightNight 2020, we will showcase a number of cutting-edge innovations and technologies which have been developed by our engineering team, University partners and SME community. The interactive displays will include 3D printers, Virtual Reality headsets and robots, providing visitors with an insight into the art of the possible.

Take part in sensor-based games, discover how VR and IoT can be used within the home and enjoy the view of Liverpool’s illuminated skyline from the top floor, panoramic roof terrace.

The Sensor City building will also be home to a number of exciting exhibitions during the evening, and more information regarding some of the participating organisations can be found below:

RenderNation & squareCGI

Residential houses, factories and offices are all home to the businesses and individuals that reside within them, and technology is shaping the way that these buildings are designed and built. At LightNight 2020, you can experience a stunning Virtual Reality installation showcasing the latest architecture visualisation experiences by RenderNation and squareCGI.

Pulse Systems

Pulse Systems is a cloud-based Building Management Solution (BMS) provider. Their smart sensor devices will be on show at LightNight demonstrating how they allow occupants to make critical decisions based upon real-time data, achieving substantial energy savings due to the control they have in understanding their building environment.

University of Liverpool – Coding & Robotics Society

Home robots are not just in futuristic TV shows or movies anymore. This dynamic student society, who is dedicated to engaging with electronics and coding at all levels, will be demonstrating the capabilities of a number of their bespoke robots at Sensor City for LightNight.

Electrodynamics Tap (EDTap)

EDTap will be showcasing their smart-home devices at Sensor City, which are interconnected to one another and activated from a user’s phone.

Carboncycle Technologies

Carboncycle Technologies a division of the iOiN Partnership, who are leading the way in digital connected infrastructure. They will be exhibiting their BLIPS and Carboncycle Technologies, which incorporate new thermal carbon neutral elements and asset life cycle programs for commercial and residential construction.

Find out more about LightNight 2020 here.

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