Liverpool partnership develops sensor-based structural health monitoring system

Motionwall was born out of the need to effectively monitor, maintain and upgrade the ageing Victorian infrastructure of Britain.

When a retaining wall at Liverpool Lime Street station next to Sensicon’s office at Sensor City failed, it gave inspiration for the birth of this remote structural health monitoring system. The system will allow asset managers and infrastructure builders to keep tabs on their structures and their integrity throughout their life-cycle.

A proof of concept grant was won by Sensor City based Sensicon, along with the “Resilience and Sustainability” group at the University of Liverpool, to carry out collaborative research into developing a scalable, non-invasive monitoring system and autonomous communication between structures and maintenance depots.

Vighnesh Daas, Director at Sensicon, stated: “Our unique Motionwall system uses a combination of low-cost sensors and automated software, minimising costly and time-consuming site visits.

“This allows engineers of councils and infrastructure managers to check data and physical cues remotely, using our bespoke cloud platform to assess structural health.”

The sensors connect to the internet via a low-frequency wireless system with an online cloud platform, providing real-time data on structural integrity.

With an early warning system, any discrepancies in structural or mechanical properties will be identified, and a notification will be sent to the asset manager on their device.

Managers can use Motionwall to plan cost-effective maintenance, assess the risk to structures, and ensure full safety.

When Highways England were initially shown the approach of Motionwall, it immediately caught their attention for application in critical road networks across the country – which disruption causes losses of millions of pounds in logistic delays and unforeseen traffic congestion.

As a part of the Motionwall launch, Sensicon are offering five free site trials. Local businesses in Liverpool City Region who operate in waste management, material handling and infrastructure are encouraged to enquire and apply.

You can contact the Sensicon team by calling 0151 318 9202 or emailing:

More information about the project can be found at:

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