This afternoon’s community yoga session has left us all de-stressed, with improved postures and completely relaxed at Zensor City.

Held in our top floor conference suite with beautiful views across the Liverpool skyline, our taster session was attended by tenants, members and staff. Although the wet weather prevented us from taking advantage of our super roof terrace, the sound of trickling rain added to the calming atmosphere.

Our professional instructor, Sion Jones, ensured that all levels of abilities were able to participate and the group carried out some impressive moves!

Following this afternoon’s taster session, we are now hoping to offer Yoga classes on a frequent basis and will be extending the invitation throughout the wider Knowledge Quarter area. Yoga sessions are an effective way of relieving stress, increasing focus and adding a moment of calm into your day – the perfect time out from a busy day at the office.

We offer a variety of other community and social events throughout the year exclusively for our Members, and so if you are interested in taking part, please view our Membership options here.

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