Pulse Systems have been awarded an Innovate UK grant to accelerate the development of their Cloud BMS.

Their innovative, emerging technology will deliver a range of benefits for buildings, facilities management, landlords and estate owners.

Built using internet protocol (IPV6) from end to end, ensuring security, interoperability and high extensibility, the device will use data models and standards defined by the open connectivity foundation (OCF), ensuring that vendor lock in via closed protocols will become a thing of the past.

Currently, Building Management Systems (BMS) are predominantly plant-room based hardware controls that necessitate manual interaction, this means that when scheduled or unscheduled maintenance is required, an engineer has to be physically present to fix the problem.

As during the pandemic, when a building is unused for a period of time, normal services operation leads an unnecessary levels of energy consumption, combined with this primary inefficiency, any overall deterioration in building performance goes unnoticed leading to further negative impacts on both energy usage, environmental impact and the bottom line.

Pulse Systems have therefore designed an innovative new product that makes these obstacles a thing of the past. With this technology, BMS are simply uploaded to the Cloud – meaning that they can be operated remotely. This gives building managers the power to see everything going on in their building, giving them control over everything from hardware malfunctions to a forgotten light switch.

Cloud BMS removes the need for many physical maintenance visits, which in the context of a post-pandemic society can be difficult, dangerous and financially detrimental.

The device has been built using internet protocol (IPV6) from end-to-end, with data models and standards defined by the Open Connectivity Foundation ensuring the highest level of interoperability & security for our clients.

In addition, the change from closed to open protocols translates to improved transparency and agency – the customer can choose to share their data but this is completely at their discretion. Functions for this capability include being able to see exactly how and where energy is being wasted and share that with the users of the building or energy providers. This provides obvious financial benefits and promotes sustainability.

In the current climate, environmental consciousness is key. Pulse strives for carbon neutrality in its own business, and their product encourages and enables our clients to reach for this goal.

With a product that allows the energy performance of a building to be accessed and altered from anywhere, clients are empowered to make the most responsible energy choices for them and for their community.

In short, all of this translates to a product that has low installation costs, low maintenance and update costs and that will integrate well with both current and future systems.

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