Sensor City are pleased to welcome Fatigue Management International (FMI) as a tenant in the innovation centre and a new member of the growing community of sensor-related companies. With a global partner network, FMI are on a mission to change the face of fatigue risk management for the 21st century workplace.

Sensors for Fatigue Management

FMI are focused on the progression of the fatigue science market. Records from the National Sleep Foundation’s 2005 American poll suggest that 168 million adult drivers have admitted  to driving whilst feeling drowsy in the previous year, and over one-third stated that they have fallen asleep whilst driving. These are alarming statistics with potentially fatal consequences.   While the public domain is still in the early stages of education regarding fatigue management, FMI presently influence the transport, mining and heavy trucking industries; in countries such as Australia, Botswana and Peru, deploying a unique tracking system (Fatigue RADAR) to monitor fatigue in drivers of heavy, valuable vehicles using technology originally extracted from FMI’s ASTiD hardware. With their major markets being overseas, FMI are export focused and international from the outset.

FMI have recently obtained new investment from China under the Tier 1 Visa Programme, and their new investor Bill Zhu, will be joining the team and will help contribute to the technical aspects of their products. The fund raise will enable the team to push forward their RADAR application, created to join all platforms of their hardware together. This is a very exciting time for the company as they look to take advantage of opportunities in the UK for the first time, as well as progress their current projects in Europe, Australia, South America and Africa.

Ian Thomas, Managing Director of FMI said: “We are really looking forward to 2017, now we have an office with the Sensor City group and Bill has joined the team, we are very excited to start creating new products and continue developing our existing technology. We also look forward to the relationship between ourselves and Sensor City, as thus far Joanne and the team have been very supportive and helpful. We at Fatigue Management International believe that our relationship with Sensor City could help us change sensory technology for convenience, safety and healthcare across the world.”

Dr Joanne Phoenix, Business Development Manager for Sensor City commented: “It’s fantastic to welcome FMI as a tenant and to see the client base here at the Innovation Centre start to grow. We have already been able to make some connections for the team and they have been very helpful in speaking to others about their fund raising experience through the Tier 1 process. FMI have been operational for some time but as the team is now growing and needs a home and I am delighted that they have chosen Sensor City as a base and we will be doing all we can to support them”

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