Sensor City welcomes our new LJMU 20 Day Rapid Prototyping Laboratory Technician Intern , Matthew Heddles. Matthew will be working closely alongside our Head of Engineering, Daniel Watson,  assisting him in the Labs on our latest innovation projects.

Get to know Matthew a bit better and find out what he hopes to get out of his time working at Sensor City below…

Initial Introductions

Matthew: I am currently in my second year studying at LJMU. I am interested in Prototyping 3D printing and have been ever since I learnt about it in school. I am always up for a challenge and am quite proactive and forward thinking when it comes to learning. I often watch Netflix documentaries on new designs and engineering work.


What do you hope to achieve whilst working at Sensor City?

Matthew: I hope to gain as much knowledge and experience in the Design and Engineering industry as possible. This internship can hopefully help me to get my foot in the door with a successful Engineering company in the future.


Which piece of Lab equipment are you most looking forward to using?

Matthew: I am most interested in 3D printing, so I am looking forward to trying the high spec Stratasys printer, as it is a unique piece of kit that students like myself wouldn’t normally get the chance to use.  In my first week here at Sensor City, I have already learnt new software which is very useful, as I feel like I am already building up a more adept knowledge base in Engineering.


What Innovation over the last 100 years interests you the most?

Matthew: The most interesting innovation to me was by a company called the Mediated Matter Research group who designed the first ever 3D glass printer. They did this by bringing a group of Electrical, Mechanical, Design and software engineers together to create the glass printer. I learnt about this through a Netflix documentary and was mind blown that something like this was even possible, so this definitely interested me the most and it made me want to find out more on how it was made.


What area of engineering interests you the most and what would you like to specialise in?

Matthew: Product and Design Engineering interests me the most because you have to look into the future when considering your designs in order for it to be a good product. I am interested in how the design for manufacture focuses on form and function with a specialisation in additive manufacturing which looks more around the 3D printing process.


How do you think this internship will help you in achieving your chosen career path?

Matthew: It will give me insight into rapid prototyping and give myself a good head start in the Engineering industry. I think this internship will further my knowledge in the electrical side of Engineering which can help me broaden my skills and set me up well in the future when I am looking for a job.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

Matthew: I want to be heavily involved in a lead and design company. I don’t really have a preference where I will be living, I am open to living anywhere I would just like to make the most money possible and enjoy the work I do.


What hobbies do you have outside of work and studying?

Matthew: I like going to the gym most days and staying active. When I am not going to the gym, I will go climbing which is a big hobby of mine. I also am a big music fan; my favourite artist is Blackberry Smoke.


We hope that Matthew enjoys his time with us at Sensor City and can gain some valuable experience and skills which will help him in the future achieving the goals he has set.


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