The Liverpool tech firm Pulse Systems has partnered with Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) graduate Max Hustwick to create a jingle for the company’s YouTube series in which stakeholders from the business discuss real-life problems related to technology. 

The jingle was specifically outsourced to local talent, Hustwick, to support and assist in helping raise their profile and provide experience in their accredited field. Music graduates are under more pressure than ever before to find stability in a highly competitive industry – battling against the lack of opportunities available for independent artists.

Max Hustwick graduated this summer in song-writing and production – specializing in electronic indie music production. A strong advocate of community and collaboration, Max has produced music for various local artists, including Aron – whose song was added to an official Spotify playlist named “New music Friday UK” which was a fulfilling moment for the aspiring producer. His goal is to produce music full-time and pursue his personal music project, “happysadmedium”.

The pandemic is having a significant impact on local artists, especially on live performances – the primary source of revenue for local musicians. However, since the pandemic broke out, live-streaming is now gaining in popularity, as increases by 38% in 2020. 

Kay Naylor, song-writing, and performance graduate:

“Music is everywhere. You hear it from your washing machine, your computer, car radio and more. Even if you don’t actively listen to it, you benefit from it.”

Our daily lives are so enriched by music & art – it truly is everywhere. The time to support local artists is now.

Pulse Systems values local talent and provides paid internships and outsourcing opportunities to students and graduates. Prospects stated that “opportunities for work experience are scarce at the moment and unpaid internships have always favoured students with more affluent backgrounds.” which prevents otherwise gifted individuals; exacerbating class inequality.

Through partnerships with local universities, the start-up aims to provide students with paid internships and career paths. In working with Max, the company crosses sectors, to involve and support the arts.

Pulse System’s specializes in cloud-connected sensors to provide building owners with full visibility and control of their building assets, such as air quality, smart lighting, occupancy levels, etc. And provide control solutions through the pulse platform which is customizable and retrofit to any type of commercial building.

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