There is a growing market to develop tests which utilise non-traditional antibodies for the fast and low-cost detection of biomolecules. Researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University are seeking partners to help further develop and apply their novel biosensing platform which uses synthetic antibodies called molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs). The platform is compatible with multiple detection techniques and can be tailored to any application – allowing targets ranging from small molecules to cells to be measured. The MIPs are integrated into screen-printed electrodes and the binding of the targets to the polymer layer can be measured using a variety of outputs including temperature changes, optical methods, gravimetry and electrochemical techniques.

Partners are now sought from academia and industry who can help with any of the following

  1. Access to biological samples;
  2. Engineering expertise in the miniaturisation of set up;
  3. Software expertise in the development of an app that improves usability;
  4. Users to implement the methodology to replace existing immunoassay tests

The successful development and application of this platform will help reduce the number of animals currently used to produce monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

This is an opportunity for companies in a relevant field to get access to seed corn funding and further funding avenues.

For more information please see here

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