We are delighted to introduce the latest member of our Sensor City ecosystem, Arnmore Limited.

Supporting some of the largest infrastructure projects around the world, the commercial and engineering consultancy focuses on providing dynamic solutions for rail and infrastructure industries. Their work covers all aspects of asset management and commercial evaluations, utilising sensors and data capture for remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.

With multiple bases around the UK, Arnmore recently chose to take up space within Sensor City to surround themselves with other like-minded IoT innovators and to tap into the synergies that our collaborative community can provide.

James Bamford, Data Analyst at Arnmore Limited, said: “We wanted to take advantage of the connections that Sensor City has with its two University partners and the city centre location which is ideal for connectivity with our other sites.”

For the past two years, Arnmore have been focusing on developing their home-grown Sonic Analysis of INfrastructure (SAIN) product – an IoT device for remote asset monitoring.

With over 28,000 rail bridges in the UK alone, many of which have been in operation since the Victorian era, increasing traffic and loads across these structures means monitoring their condition is becoming more important for safe operation of the railway network.

Current industry approaches to infrastructure monitoring and maintenance rely on manual inspections, costly site access and intrusive data collection, resulting from embedded sensors in the structures themselves. Maintenance of bridges, tunnels, pipes and tracks using Arnmore’s SAIN device, allows monitoring and health checks to be undertaken remotely, without the need to visit assets on site.

The technology behind SAIN uses a solar analysis technique to probe the internal structures of assets, unlike traditional solutions available in the marketplace. Using sound and frequency analysis, with added machine learning, means detection of potential faults is quick and easy. If a standalone SAIN unit is installed near a railway track, for example, it captures train movements and sends data back to a central server for analysis. This information is then used to produce the general health signature of the asset. Arnmore can then monitor this signature to provide real-time notifications and reporting on asset health.

James added: “We believe we have developed a product that can take the market by storm.

A big part of moving into Sensor City was to access the onsite prototyping laboratories to help us scale our IoT device. We are now looking at different designs for the product, as well as agreeing strategic relationships with partners worldwide.”

Going forward, Arnmore will be installing their SAIN devices on a number of railway and road bridges for long term monitoring. Calibrating the data collected from these installations will allow further development of the device.

If you’d like to find out more or contact Arnmore directly, please visit their website

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