Sensor City Member, GeDaP, has been approved as an official G-Cloud Framework supplier by the Crown Commercial Services, for the second year running.

Inclusion on the latest G-Cloud 11 Framework recognises GeDaP as a leading cloud-based supplier of consultancy, software and cyber security services, dedicated to the safeguarding of data assets for multiple organisations across the UK.

Positioned by the Cabinet Office as means of reducing lengthy procurement processes, the framework makes it faster and cheaper for public sector companies to procure services, whilst providing SMEs with improved access to Government IT deals in the Digital Marketplace.

Ian Young, CEO of Wirral based GeDaP, said: “We remove the risks from ‘Spoofing’ and ‘Phishing’ with patented KeyTalk technology virtually eliminating administration, whilst ensuring a low cost of ownership which is coupled with the PKI, the GCHQ preferred solution.

“We are delighted to be named as a G-Cloud 11 Framework supplier and this is another positive step in our ongoing dynamic development.

GeDaP first contacted Sensor City in 2018 seeking assistance to develop an Internet of Things (IoT) solution, in anticipation of an increased emphasis on IoT security by UK Government. The LCR 4.0 team at Sensor City worked closely with GeDaP to create KISS (KeyTalk IoT Secured Sensors) based on the use of microprocessors as gateways.

GeDaP have continued their relationship with Sensor City and are now also working in conjunction with the University of Liverpool to establish a Demonstrator within the innovation hub, linking sensors with KISS units and forwarding the encrypted readings to the AWS Cloud. As well as being compliant with Secure by Design, this integrated system will be certified as meeting the IoT Security Foundation Best Practice Guidelines.

Linking with GeDaP will therefore allow any sensor provider to considerably reduce their costs whilst providing installations with a high level of security and compliance.

Alex Lennon, CTO at GeDaP added: “Microprocessor systems are becoming increasingly powerful and we intend to develop the Demonstrator to include local processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality.

“This will reduce demands on communication bandwidth and Cloud processing, therefore reducing costs and improving efficiency for the smart building.”

GeDaP also intends to build further on the resources available to them through Sensor City Membership and their University partners. Seeing KISS as a key component within an overall IoT installation, GeDaP are also in association with DoES Liverpool and its development community.

Always keen to collaborate, GeDaP welcomes the opportunity to work with other specialist sensor organisations, to enable them to provide secure IoT solutions to a widening customer base whilst concentrating on their specialist capabilities.

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