Innovative SME, GasX Limited, has become Sensor City’s newest tenant, having been impressed with the amount of Investment the Liverpool City Region has received.

Wanting to benefit from Sensor City’s like-minded community, GasX founder John Cassidy said: “We didn’t want to work from home any longer and needed an office to launch our business from.

“We wanted to locate ourselves in a proactive technology incubation environment, with access to the tools and equipment on site that will help us develop our software and hardware solutions much faster than anywhere else in the UK.”

The move into Sensor City also provides an opportunity for GasX to identify organisations to collaborate with.

Founded in 2017, GasX was created to revolutionise, refresh and reinterpret how UK utility sectors innovate from both a demand and supply perspective.

They design and develop IoT / Fog computing solutions and prototypes, including hardware and software and their companion OSS & BSS systems.

GasX have since expanded in to the use of LPWAN and sensor technologies as a means of capturing data to inform tactical decision making, leading to machine learning for strategic insight.

Using the move into Sensor City as a platform to scale-up, their ultimate goal is to better capture and organise information available to utility providers and citizens, to manage down cost through world class innovation, rapid prototyping and high-grade execution.

GasX are also the lead technical partner in the deployment of ‘The Things Network Wirral’, bringing open IoT connectivity to communities and businesses. This suite of connectivity allows them to do all manner of interesting things, including their record-setting work in LPWAN using Pycom kit.

They are actively stimulating the adoption of community LPWAN and enabling free access for all generations of makers, and engaging the next wave of entrepreneurs, both young and old, drives a lot of what they do.

John explained: “The social aspect of technology is really important to me.

“GasX are committed to encouraging the democratisation of innovation, developing disruptive technology and undertaking rapid development.”

GasX CTO Daniel Watson added: “Having been at the launch of Sensor City, I am confident this is the best place to be. Sharing the space with like-minded businesses that also work in technology, fosters the right environment for collaboration and achievement in both our commercial and community projects.

“Sensor City offers an amazing working environment, in a fantastic building, and is set to truly ignite the next generation of industry in the region.”

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