Sensor City is an innovation hub and specialised technology development zone. In addition to its state of the art machinery and equipment, Sensor City’s integrated laboratories also boast a dedicated team of engineers and academics who are available to provide customers with technical knowledge and professional support.

Dr John Kenny, Head of Engineering at Sensor City, is responsible for the overall running of the four purpose-built laboratories; Electronics Laboratory, Mechanical Workshop, Optics Laboratory and Software Design Suite.

Since opening in July 2017, Sensor City has already delivered a diverse portfolio of work for customers, including wearable electronic systems, AI and AR headset prototyping and water quality monitoring sensors.

Dr Kenny said: “The engineers at Sensor City are able to work on complex, individual components or provide a complete system design.

“All stages of work are carried out under one roof, enabling the development of ideas into near commercial products in a timely and efficient manner.”

John has significant experience in the field of engineering, having worked as a Physicist at the National Oceanographic Centre for 12 years and more recently as an Electronics Research Associate in Nuclear Physics at the University of Liverpool.

During this time, John delivered projects focussed around micro electronic system design, intelligent monitoring and app development.

Recognised as a leader in his field, John was invited to speak in the House of Commons and delivered an Autonomous Vehicles presentation to several high profile and well regarded representatives.

John is now working to build upon Sensor City’s customer base and is keen for start-ups and larger corporates to entrust their challenges into the capable hands of the Sensor City specialists.

John added: “Working at Sensor City allows me to provide solutions to real world technical problems.

“Companies can benefit from using Sensor City as an outsourced engineering department and I encourage all business to take full advantage of the fantastic facilities we have to offer.”

Another key member of Sensor City’s technical team is Emlyn Jones, Mechanical Workshop Manager.

A Time served Tool Maker by trade, Emlyn has also worked as a Mechanical Engineer in the University of Liverpool’s Chemistry department and at the National Oceanographic Centre, creating instruments for scientific experimentation in hostile environments.

At Sensor City, Emlyn provides a hands-on role in the workshop, turning engineers’ drawings into tangible prototypes.

Emlyn said: “It’s exciting to work with both upcoming and established businesses, helping them to further their technical capabilities.

“Sensor City is providing new opportunities for companies to maximise their products’ potential, all within a collaborative and knowledgeable working environment.”

The Mechanical Workshop houses traditional lathes and milling machines, but it’s the 3D printers at Sensor City that are currently most in demand.

In addition to the Ultimaker (3 Extended) and Formlabs (Form 2), the Stratasys (Objet260 Connex3) 3D printer is a top of the range, multi-material model, capable of printing varying colours, transparencies and elasticities.

Emlyn added: “I have worked on some highly innovative jobs for customers in recent months, creating 3D printed prototypes.

It’s rewarding to assist SMEs with their pioneering work and to be part of bringing their concepts into commercialisation.”

If you would like to commission work in our laboratories or find out more about the engineering expertise available at Sensor City, please email:
or call: 0151 705 6000

For more information about the tools, equipment and machinery in our laboratories, including their specifications and capabilities, please click here.


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