To support the growth in eHealth we need new ways of working together, making the most of the fantastic resources and expertise in the Liverpool City Region – and that’s where the Liverpool City Region eHealth Cluster comes in.

Liverpool City Region’s eHealth Cluster Ltd is the only SME-led eHealth Cluster in the UK.

They are delivering a new model for providing practical support to both technology and care organisations through collaborative Cluster working.

The eHealth Cluster now has dedicated space at Sensor City, from which they will work on their Health and Social Care projects.

The space is currently focussing on their Stop & Go Project providing support to the introduction of technology as part of Liverpool City Councils Home Care service.

LoRaWAN technology is currently being installed and by the end of October 2017, they hope to have coverage across the city so that care providers and families can start to take advantage of the latest IoT devices to enhance care services.

For more information about eHealth Cluster, please visit their website:

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