On behalf of Modern Designers, Sensor City based DefProc Engineering was recently commissioned to build an interactive exhibit for a new exhibition opening in Port Sunlight’s Lyceum Centre.

The exhibit was funded by Unilever and partners and was designed to explain the history of soap making through a fun and interactive display, showing the original 3-step process for making soap.

The project involved a number of different technical processes and digital manufacturing solutions including computer aided design (CAD), 3D printing, laser cutting, and electronics design and build.

A mix of innovative materials and component parts were also utilised, including microcontrollers, switches, joysticks, fishing float beads and motors, recreating the effects of the detailed manufacturing process.

Jennifer Fenner, Managing Director at DefProc Engineering, said: “We thrive on creative projects like this.

“They are a real challenge both technically and artistically but getting to see how amazed our clients are when they see their ideas in real life is completely brilliant.

“Clients can then play with the final build and feel proud that the idea that started as a sketch in their mind is now fully working and looks exactly how they imagined.”

The Soap Interactive exhibit will be opening soon for museum visitors to enjoy and is expected to remain in place for the next five years.

To find out more about DefProc Engineering, please visit their website

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