DefProC Engineering, in collaboration with artist Andrew Small, recently created a responsive, interactive wall for a landmark Bruntwood building.

Using computer vision and an animation software, the team created a bold, playful display, which responds when a person walks into the building. In the final iteration of the design, golden glittering cubes fall like a waterfall against a black background.

To represent the movement of a person, DefProc created a void shape that appeared when the falling cubes part. This void shape then moves across the screen, getting larger as the person got closer and smaller when they move further away, and finally when they are no longer in view ,their shape gracefully disperses and the cubes fall into the space.

This bold use of animation will create an impactful entrance to the new building once it opens, positioning Bruntwood as the modern, innovative company that it is.

Jen Fenner,┬áManaging Director at┬áDefProc Engineering said: “We believe that the installation will act as a source of inspiration for people using the building, influencing how they tackle their own creative projects.”

Andrew Small added: “DefProc’s technical knowledge and problem-solving skills are incredible. They are occupying a unique place as engineers comfortable moving between cutting edge digital technologies and coding solutions, to physical real-world design solutions.

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