Happy Cactus Creative Tech Biz School provides online education on the crossroad of technology and business for tech game changers, ambitious and impactful tech businesses.

Recently co-founded by Masha Zaitsava (a current Resident Member of Sensor City with iSensing) and Natalia Cerga, the online school provides courses for people of all professions and backgrounds to help them enter the IT and Tech markets through re-training and up-skilling.

Masha said: “We want to expand people’s opportunities to work in the sphere of digital technologies, without the need for a background in this sector or any knowledge of coding.

“Our inclusive and friendly approach is empowering newcomers, especially women and ethnic minorities, and we’re excited to be shaping a new generation of tech influencers and trendsetters.”

Happy Cactus currently offers two online courses – each with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels – which are delivered through online video tutorials, case studies and downloadable content, and can be completed at the student’s own pace.

Topics covered include Cyber Security and Innovation and Digital Marketing, focusing on Cyber analytics and technology adoption among business leaders.

Happy Cactus are offering an exclusive 70% discount for Sensor City Members who want to take a course, so sign up today to take advantage of this offer.

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