Music technology innovators, Aerodrums, have upped the tempo by moving into Sensor City to expand their business.

Co-founded by Yann Morvan and Richard Lee back in 2011, Aerodrums was established to solve the problems of portability, space and noise associated with traditional drum kits.

They launched their first product in 2014 – a revolutionary air-drumming instrument which uses a high speed camera and bespoke software to simulate a physical drum kit. Comprising of only drumsticks and reflective markers worn on the users feet to emulate pedals, this innovative product enables people to drum at home or on the go, as well as eliminating the sound and space issues still present with other alternatives in the market place, such as electronic drum pads.

The technology behind Aerodrums’ portable product includes a high speed camera which tracks the drumstick movements and reflective material worn on the user’s feet. Their bespoke software looks at these high stream images to understand what the musician intended to play and then the output is then heard via a PA or headphones.

With its incredible velocity response and imperceptible latency, users get a natural drumming feel from the instrument. A free software update is also available that complements the Aerodrums experience by augmenting it with a 3D view and support for VR headsets.

Aerodrums have sold over 20,000 units globally, with a number of leading industry professionals as part of their customer base, including Gergo Borlai and A.R Rahman.

Having initially set-up base in Parr Street Studios, Aerodrums have now relocated to Sensor City, to develop the next generation of their product using the prototype resources available on site in the innovation hub.

Yann Morvan, Co-Founder of Aerodrums said: “Sensor City is a great space for our new office as there is so much going on there.

“We’re looking forward to growing our team over the next 12 months and taking advantage of the networking connections and wider tech sector links from our new base.”

Aerodrums’ new product will be self-contained, without the need for a computer to use the product. Users will plug their headphones into the self-contained Aerodrums box, and will be able to see the user interface on their device.

More information about Aerodrums can be found here.

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