Our Interim Executive Director, Dr Joanne Phoenix, recently had a chat with Thinking Cities’ editor in chief Kevin Borras, about Sensor City’s crucial role in Liverpool’s drive towards smart city status.

The 20 minute Thinking Aloud Podcast covers a number of key discussion points including best practice for regional urban initiatives, the recently declared climate emergency and funding challenges.

Joanne reveals how Liverpool City Region has a very big opportunity to optimise their urban services and systems in line with other UK regions’ initiatives. There are a number of key players in LCR who are now coming together to provide early stage funding, curate data and deliver something truly innovative.

She also suggests that we should capitalise on the premise that ‘data is the new gold‘, however believes that there is the need for a public education exercise to ensure that we build trust with the general public about what data is collected, why it is collected and how the data will deliver benefits for everyone. Because of resource constraints, we will need to work differently in coming years,  so we’ve got to win public hearts and minds to allow new technology to go forwards.

You can listen to the Podcast in full here

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