Alison Mitchell, Executive Director at Sensor City, was invited onto the USA based Constructech TV show last week.

Interviewed by host Peggy Smedley, Alison explained how Sensor City’s innovation hub is dedicated to fostering the creation and development of sensor technology, and how construction companies can benefit from this type of incubator.

Alison said: “Sensors and The Internet of Things (IoT) are very important for the development of the Construction sector. It’s exciting and rapidly changing, so it’s vital for the industry to stay on top of the latest technological advances. These developments will greatly assist with buildings management and will offer the chance to monitor how people use buildings and move around within them.”

Host Peggy Smedley was impressed to hear how Sensor City is home to several SMEs who are at the cutting edge of innovation and therefore able to move rapidly.

Alison added: “Their sensor technology will translate across different sectors. We’re currently hosting a Hack event relating to the Health sector, but a whole range of ideas and new companies will come out of this, which will benefit a cross-spectrum of industries.”

Identifying where construction and technology converge, Constructech TV is an educational show that helps contractors and builders recognise how to leverage emerging solutions to better business. The show covers tech trends that help with building infrastructure, smart cities, utilities, transportation, buildings, and homes.

To watch Alison’s interview in full, please click here.


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