Alison Mitchell, Executive Director at Sensor City, was invited back onto the USA based Constructech TV show this week.

The theme for discussion was connected cities and host Peggy Smedley was keen to understand more about the technologies that are helping to make Smart Cities a reality.

Alison said: “The technology that’s needed is already available. The Sensors and electronics required are already mature, power networks such as LoRoWAN and 5G are installed and now we know how to use the data collected.”

Although there are barriers to applying this technology, there’s a growing awareness of what’s needed to overcome them. Turning vast amounts of data into valuable information and insight is key to adding value for businesses and cities.

Alison added: “Smart Cities thrive when the data collected is used intelligently to improve the lives of those who work, use and live in urban spaces.

“Cities are platforms. All stakeholders must come together across the construction industry, transport networks, hospital providers and the people living in cities themselves.”

Identifying where construction and technology converge, Constructech TV is an educational show that helps contractors and builders recognise how to leverage emerging solutions to better business. The show covers tech trends that help with building infrastructure, smart cities, utilities, transportation, buildings, and homes.

To watch Alison’s interview in full, please click here.

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