Ignatia Sensors Ltd is a new start-up company developing a novel sensing system for proactive fire prevention and user safety.

The idea for this specific solution evolved at a hackathon hosted by the Health Innovation Exchange in Liverpool during October 2017. A team of six professionals with diverse competencies came together to propose a solution for a problem relating to fires in the kitchen caused while cooking.

Sensor city has truly enabled us with their fast development of our prototype and reduced our time-to-pitch to collaborators and investors. This is truly “enabling”!

Approaching Sensor City

Ignatia Sensors required technical support to develop the initial prototype of the sensor system. They approached the LCR 4.0 team at Sensor City to assist with scoping out the required hardware for the project and for assistance in developing the initial sensor system prototype.

Partner Support

Sensor City’s LCR 4.0 Industrial Software Specialist first investigated the required hardware, sensors and consumables required for the project and subsequently produced a rapid prototype of the product utilising the LPKF equipment in Sensor City.

Working into the future

Ignatia Sensors now plan to start functional trials of the sensor system with the support of Cheshire Fire Services. Data gathering and system validation are the primary activities during the functional trials. Once the system is calibrated for reliability, the functional system will be tested at one of the Fire Testing Laboratories in the UK. The assessment for certification as a fire prevention device will follow this phase of testing.


Thanks to the prototype created, the development time has been reduced significantly and Ignatia Sensors can now take this physical model for initial functional validation to the Fire Services. With the validation done, the model will demonstrated to investors and other collaborative bodies.

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